Andrew DeOrio

Andrew DeOrio is a lecturer at the University of Michigan. His research interests are in ensuring the correctness of computer systems, including medical devices, internet of things devices, and digital hardware. In addition to teaching software and hardware courses, he teaches Creative Process and works with students on technology-driven creative projects. Currently, he is also working with Ann Arbor startup Virta Labs, developing machine learning and signal processing technology to detect malware through equipment power consumption. Andrew also plays music and makes fire organs.
Retinal dystrophies are genetic conditions associated with reduced or deteriorating vision that may lead to blindness. Current diagnosis technique:specialists test specific genes using gene-sequencing techniques for probable disease-causing variants. Diagnosis can be prohibitively expensive and requires specialists to interpret results. Therefore, many patients lack a conclusive molecular diagnosis critical to...
Pay a visit to the creative world of computer science and engineering with Dr. Andrew DeOrio. In this hands-on session, you will be creative makers and problem solvers, engineering a solution to a problem. We will use computing devices called Makey-makeys to interface a computer to the real world. By...
"Malware on Drugs: Detecting Misbehaving Drug-delivering Medical Devices" at the A2Y.asm Computer Security Conference