Andrew DeOrio

Programming and Introductory Data Structures

Note: this is an archive of stable course materials. The official University of Michigan EECS 280 course website for the current semester is on Canvas.

EECS 280 "Programming and Introductory Data Structures" is a second-semester programming course. It focuses on computer science concepts that are widely applicable to many programming languages, and implements them in C++. The course includes functional, procedural, and object oriented programming paradigms.

Techniques and algorithm development and effective programming, top-down analysis, structured programming, testing, and program correctness. Program language syntax and static and runtime semantics. Scope, procedure instantiation, recursion, abstract data types, and parameter passing methods. Structured data types, pointers, linked data structures, stacks, queues, arrays, records, and trees. (University of Michigan course catalog)


100-level programming experience in C++ at the university level. Flow control: selection, iteration and functions. Data structures: strings, arrays, records, lists, tables. Program design, structure and style. Testing and debugging.